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MANAGEMENT POSTERS – Set of 24 Posters – Size 20x20cm (8x8inch)



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Product Description

There was a milk seller who sold milk door to door in milk cans. In the village, there were boys going to school. Boys are naughty! One of the boys picks up a bull frog and puts into milk can and closes the lid. The frog realizes soon that he is in a big problem. From earlier experiences, he quickly realizes that he has two choices: to curse (Dukhi Ram) or to think (Sukhi Ram). He decides to be a Sukhi Ram and quickly does the “SWOT” analysis of the situation. He responds to the situation and he realizes his strength is swimming and he starts doing it! He is confident that sooner or later the milk man will open the can and that will be his opportunity to jump to his freedom. He did that! Another naughty boy put another bull frog into another can. Soon this frog decided that there was no use fighting as the odds were piled against him. He drowned! Typical of “Dukhi Ram”, a person whose attitudes is so negative that he “enjoys” blaming everyone else in the world for his misfortunes rather than doing something for himself. We are constantly involved in developing and conducting attitudes building workshops. These workshops prepare the participants to become Sukhi Ram in the present challenging times. We await your call. Motivational Management Poster for Office, Factory, environment employees in many companies operates from cubicles and there may not be enough space to hang large poster. That’s why we have developed a new range of poster in a smaller size 8×8 inch. They make an everlasting impression on people where it matters most-Where they work every day.


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